The Greeting to the Sun was created in 2008 by the Croatian architect Nikola Bašić in the city of Zadar (Croatia). This work is located just a few meters away from the Sea Organ (1), by the same author. Together, these two inspiring public art installations create a ma...

Invited article written by Steven Gutierrez.

Imagine a place where visitors can go to sit, relax and feel the sun…a place to sit and relax to enjoy the day. A place of light, of art, and of comfort where the art comes alive with whimsical light colors emanating from the...

Ignacio Zamora (IZ)

You are one of the most active solar artists today, When and Why did you start to create solar powered, new media sculptures?

Stephen Fairfield (SF)

There was a convergence of factors in my artistic journey that brought me to a focus on solar powe...

Invited article written by Craig Colorusso. 

My conscience led me to solar energy.  I think it’s a promising way to address the energy needs of our future.  The politicians and the scientists will always argue and lie.  I stumbled onto to something that is much greater...

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