Solar Palm by Drzach&Suchy

Solar Palm

The creative team Drzach & Suchy will never leave you indifferent. The way they conceive their projects will catch your attention and, more important, will make you wonder how they did it.

Specialised in projects based on shade effects, like Piksol Project, this time Drzach & Suchy surprises us with the exploration of a new field: energy self-sufficient structures. “Solar Palm (latin: musa lampyris)” is a very serious approach to a type of product that soon will become part of our daily lives.

We are moving towards the implementation of smart furniture, home automation, new materials, efficient systems… The last project from Drzach & Suchy is an example of this upcoming future.

Detail of the leaves

Solar Palm (latin: musa lampyris) is a self-sustaining, natural-looking palm, both for indoor and outdoor use. It looks like a regular, natural palm tree but it doubles as a self-powered lamp: during the day it collects solar energy through the top surface of its leaves and stores it in an accumulator hidden in its base. After dusk *solar palm uses the collected energy to power the bottom part of its leaves, to provide vivid, bright illumination that disperses the darkness. The energy can be also used for charging mobile devices via an integrated USB connector.

“We believe that musa lampyris could be a good fit for a variety of settings. In public spaces it could enhance the experience by blending in with existing plants, while providing the illumination as a bonus functionality. In outdoor bars or private gardens it could provide a discreet, ambient lighting to chill out and enjoy the evening.” Drzach & Suchy

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About Drzach & Suchy

“At Drzach&Suchy we’re inspired by the world around us. We are observing the nature, try to learn from it, and sometimes to imitate it a bit. While our projects vary in complexity and usefulness, we believe there is one thing they have in common, namely an “a-ha!”-component, i.e. they exhibit properties that are not obvious or not visible at the first sight, and some experimenting or investigation is needed to discover the hidden features.”

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